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I'm not an artist but I drew an image that is vertically and horizontally  complimentary.  This image repeats (like if you specify "Tiled" on a desktop background) both vertically and horizontally.  It's an interesting idea that sort of reminds me of something similar to "Inversions". 
Future City

This is a bitmap that i created to use as a template in FrontPage.  It looks a little too cartoony perhaps.  This file is pretty big for those of you on dial-up.  Its over 2Megs. Template 7

I'm adding this one too.  I've been playing around with the idea of drawing boarders. Template 3

Back in college, Glenn and I thought about making a new cartoon for the Texas Tech UD (university Daily).  All they had was this lame cartoon called "Drake the Dragon".  We figured at the time that it sucked and decided to draw a new cartoon.  The idea we came up with was George, A Strange Fire Breathing Fish Creature.  I still have the originals somewhere but over the years I drew a few more as the urge hit me. Here are the results...
This was inspired by a missed Dallas Cowboy field goal.
This is when we got a new aquarium.
This is a really good look at our den in Midland.
This is another bitmap I did.  It's called Face.

Art Content

What's New! 

April 4, 2010 - It's mum's birthday today. 

March 24, 2010 - Updated notes.  Changed Dory's name away from Stuka.

March 13, 2010 - Added a picture of Stuka on the home page and I've added the source code to my projection program.  Of course I also updated the daily notes as well.

March 10, 2010 - Updated notes and updated the section on Rotations.

March 6, 2010 - I added to the daily notes. 

February 24, 2010 - I added some links on the front page and updated the link archive.  Updated notes.  Today was no fun.

February 15, 2010 - I wrote on the Quantum page tonight and updated my daily notes.


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Never underestimate the insignificance of almost everything.   

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