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2010-04-05:  We're in Midland.  Mum's not doing well and we're sitting with her at the hospital. I've almost finished reading Michio Kaku's, Beyond Einstein. Great book if you want a comprehensive albeit brief description of what physicists have struggled through in thought for the last several hundred years. 

2010-03-30:  Freaky day today.  I felt like hell and slept like a dead man until after noon.  It was yummy and I'm feeling a bit refreshed.  Back to work tomorrow though.  I didn't have any meetings scheduled today so I didn't worry about work at least. Ike is sick, cathy is sick, I can't tell if I'm sick or not. I flew the cp around a bit tonight without much success.  I'm going to have to spend some time on the simulator to figure it out. It was a weird night.  Mum called us accidentally from her cell phone.  She's okay.  Then Dory ran out the back gate because I didn't shut it right.  She ran around like a crazy  dog and it was a bit of an adrenaline nightmare for a few minutes.  She finally ran up to cat and cat was to get dory back in the yard. Cat spent a long time making a complicated Mexican food dish (It was stuffed Anaheim peppers) but dory tripped her and cat dropped the plates on our glass coffee table.  It scared us both real bad. 

2010-03-29:  Back to work today.  Worried about mum. I put a few minutes of flight time on the helo today.  Damn, that's not easy to fly at all. I spent about 30 minutes doing repairs.  I had to change out the main rotor blades.  I'm not sure how much that cost but it's much less than $500 bucks per flight. I think it must have cost about 5 bucks. => I'm even more impressed with r/c helo pilots now.  That's a weird thing to try to understand.  I was able to do an uncontrolled hover for a couple of seconds.  I did it several times.  I just made it hop around a bit. 

2010-03-27:  I just watched a news story about an 80-something year-old woman named Viola that has terminal cancer and when asked if there was something she wanted to do said, "I want to jump out of an airplane."  Well she did and she had a great time and it was very touching to see that story. I'm in Midland tonight.  Mum and dad are asleep and I'm chattin on IM (yahoo actually) with cat.  I had a strange day.  I walked about a mile away to The Bar for lunch.  It was excellent however I had to walk a mile back to the house afterwards.  It was an absolute beautiful day in West Texas today.  That made it pretty cool. But now my right hip is shot. The boundary error in my rotation project has been corrected.  Actually it wasn't a boundary problem but a common problem with object-oriented programming.  I was manipulating the same point more than once because the same point was in more than one line-segment.  All of these objects; points, lines, shapes are made of components that are themselves objects. (i.e.  A 'cube' is made out of 'lines' and 'lines' are made out of 'points'.)  On the new shapes I've been playing with, some of the points are shared between more than one line-segment.  When my algorithm rotated the points, the ones that were shared were rotated more than once because they were shared between more than one line.  In fact once for each segment.  So the shape was being distorted by the transformations in a weird way.  I fixed it by adding a flag; a flag for each coordinate of each point.  That flag says that this point has already been rotated around this axis, so don't do it again if it's shared between multiple segments. => I was happy that it fixed the problem but it slowed the algorithm down noticeably.

2010-03-24:  Just a day at the office today.  Nothing special. Our German Sheppard's name is Dory now. I've ordered new parts for the CP helo.  It's tail rotor is messed up. Spent some time tonight working on my projections program.  I'm making some progress but do see a problem with some of the shapes I've downloaded.  The rotational math seems to be introducing some sort of distortion in the results.  It's interesting to watch because it animates the shape and over time, the shape starts to distort.  I think it could easily be a boundary-error but the more simple objects work perfectly so perhaps it's a problem with the math or the precision of java doubles. => I'm not enough of a java dude to be able to easily check out exactly what's happening.  I know there's a debugger and at my peak I would have jumped right in there and started trying to figure out exactly what is going on.  But I'm 48 now and I don't even do this for a living anymore.  I have lots of other things to figure out and all I can hope for is being able to catch a ride on this wave for a few hours at a time. => It would be pretty cool to suck into that particular ride for a month or two.  Awwwww...  Some day I will retire or hit the lotto or something.

2010-03-22:  Beca is writing me emails.  That's pretty fun.  Her brain is interested in writing an ebook.  I've had that same thought before but I'm so lazy I can't make it happen.  I write lots of words all the time.  I can't seem to make myself write a book and I think beca can. I surprised cat and ike at the vet today.  I knew there was an 11:30 appointment so I drove over there at lunch, walked in and told the lady that I was looking for my wife and my Rottweiler.  I think he's doing well.  He has a cold or something.

2010-03-21:  Today was a nice lazy day.  It wasn't lazy for cat. She was busy doing laundry and wiping Ike's nose (He has a cold or something).  I tried to fly my little helicopter today but I I've damaged the tail rotor.  I'm ordering new parts tomorrow. I got an email from Scott Kim today.  How cool is that!  I told him that me and cat are wanting tats with an inversion of our initials.  Those are called Ambigrams.  He wrote me a nice personal email.  It was very cool. I've not thought about physics much lately.

2010-03-13:  We had great friends come over today.  Lots of activity and craziness.  Ren and Kathy came over; she's just gotten her left knee replaced and is moving a bit slow.  She'll be up and running very soon.  Stuka got out of an open door while I was away and we almost lost her.  A nice man talking on a cell phone grabbed her and all was well; except for the grey hairs.  Cindy and her daughter, Kiara came over and it was a pretty fun time.  The kiddos drove us all crazy and everything was perfectly fine. => I love the sound of the quietness right now.  11:15pm Einstein's Birthday, 2010. 

2010-03-13:  We drove to Wichita Falls today, met Steve and Jessee and picked up the kiddos.  Amanda and Cody are here for a visit this week.  I hooked up the Wii and grilled burgers tonight.  We watched an animated movie called Up that was pretty good actually. We've got this new German Sheppard. Her name was Iris, then we started calling her Caroline.  Now she is named Stuka and I think the name has stuck.

2010-03-12:  I updated the Projections page with the source code for the Rotate demo.  It's starting to look good.  I'll keep adding and hopefully I'll put the class files there and you'll be able to run the demo on your computer.

2010-03-11:  I got my new helo yesterday. I can't really play with it because I said that the helo was My gift from cat and the index-finger ring she has on layaway is her gift from Me. She must get her ring before I get to play with My helo. So while I'm waiting, I'm going to get an aluminum carrying case from Harbor Freight. I'm going to have to study this thing too.  It's a freakishly complicated contraption.

2010-03-10:  I'm posting some stuff about my 3-dimensional rotation program written in java tonight. It seems to be working well and it's been a struggle.  But it's a good working demo of 3d projections.  Just the words tonight. In the days to come I will post the code. I received my new r/c helo today.  I haven't tried to fly it yet.

2010-03-06:  Lots of things happening just now.  Mel and her Husband, Barry, are in the hospital.  I wont go into the details because it's a rather private thing. => I'm exchanging emails with Melody's mum, Lue.  It's a nice conversation. => Mum is comfortable although she gets tired easily.  I didn't talk to her on the phone today and I think her sister, Erne, flew back to Florida today.  I'm sure that was a hard departure. => spooky has been not feeling well and we haven't had a chance to chat in a few days.  Get well soon My love. => I bought an r/c helicopter on ebay today.  It's a good deal compared to buying a new one.  I ordered parts from Tower Hobbies as well. Yesterday I burned a downloaded copy of Einstein's, "Relativity: The Special and the General Theory".  There's a very cool site that Stevo told me about.  Project Gutenberg has lots of books that you can download for free. => So I left work a bit early last night, popped in the Einstein cd and listened to the first 15 minutes of it.  I've read this book about 12 times.  I don't know if it's the way that the German language is or the fact that he thought in a very complex manner, but Dr. Einstein is a hard dude to understand.  He wrote in 100 word sentences with compounded "and's" and "therefore's".  It makes me want to draw Karnaugh map's to figure out the implications of what he's saying. => So 15 minutes into this cd on the drive home, the cd player crapped out and powered completely off.  I had to reset the clock.  Now that cd is stuck in my non-cd player.  The radio still works though. 

2010-03-01:  We received word that my cousin Melody and her husband were involved in a bad wreck.  They drive a long haul big rig all around the country and I'm afraid they've had a really bad crash and are severely injured.  I don't have many details but our thoughts and prayers are with their whole family.  Melody is the daughter Lue.  Lue is the sister of Jimmy, Clyde, and Teddy Lee who just paid us a visit. Our last day and night here in Midland started with me taking Isabelle to the vet for x-rays at 8:30 this morning.  Then me and cat had eye doctor appointments and the bastard dilated our eyes.  So we walked around with blown eyes all day.  Luckily it was cloudy.  It rained all night last night. => We stumbled into La Bodega at 12:30 for lunch figuring that by the time we finished eating our eyes would be back to normal.  That didn't work and the food was a bit off today.  It's okay.  Sometimes that happens. Either our "tasters" were off or their food was off today. => We visited tonight and I played my banjo for mum, aunt erne and cat.  I tried to play yesterday for everyone but had an onset of stage-fright or something and couldn't play at all.  There were too many important people in the room I imagine.  I could play much better today. => We had burgers from Bob's tonight.  cat had the steak fingers.  Damn, I miss that food.  It was wonderful. Tomorrow we head back to Dallas.

2010-02-27:  What an interesting day it was today.  Clyde and Teddy Lee stopped by for a visit.  Their wives Phyllis and Teresa are a hoot.  We all piled up in the RV with the kids and made a Wal-Mart run.  It's been a long time since I've had a chance to spend time to Clyde and Teddy.  Teddy was my boss when I worked for Furr's at the produce distribution warehouse.  He told me today that I was a good worker back then but I know he was just being kind.  I hated that job.  It was by far the most physical thing I've ever had to do.  It kicked my ass.  That durn cuz of mine assigned me and this big dude the chore of unloading this truck full of potatoes.  100 pound burlap sacks.  I used to be pissed off at Teddy for making me do that but now I think that Angel was probably the one more pissed off.  He pretty much had to unload that whole truck by himself.  The first bag I tried to pick up didn't even move.  Then I started picking it up sort of how you'd have to pickup an injured person.  You know...  "I'll put my left hand under here and my right arm under here."  Then I lifted up and it didn't move at all.  About that time some dumbass yelled "Be sure and use your knees!  You can hurt your back like that."  I think that was Teddy but I'm sure he'd waved the whole bay over to this truck to watch the skinny computer nerd try to lift 100-pound sacks of potatoes.  So anyone could have yelled it.  As I recall I was able to be of "some" help.  I loved the ones on top of the stack but hated the sacks on the floor of the tailor.  It seems like that always happened when the stack on the pallet was stacked high.

2010-02-26:  Were in Midland tonight.  We left Dallas about 11:30 and got here about 5:30.  Aunt Erne is here visiting mum so we sat around and talked and laughed.

2010-02-25:  What a weird thing it is to live so far away from home.  That sentence doesn't even make sense because this is my home here.  I love West Texas though.  It's in my genetic makeup. I read an interesting chapter in the book I'm reading about quantum physics (go figure).  

2010-02-24:  When I was young and my first wife and I were living at the cabin, sometimes I would lay on the roof of the house and look for satellites.  I was a bit obsessed with it of course so I had a little notebook and wrote down every time I saw one.  I was hoping to establish some pattern where as I could predict exactly when to look up and see one.  Here's a little article that explains looking for satellites. Heading to Midland soon. 

2010-02-21:  Interesting night last night.  Steve stayed the night and I loved the experience.  We talked about crazy stuff all night.  At 1am he had me boiling water on the stove to check the boiling point of water here as compared to there (Amarillo).  For the record it boils at 205 in amarillo (He knows that for sure because he's an alcohol maker.) and it boils at 210 here.  Now I have to figure out the altitude difference.  I've asked spooky and Don to boil water and report the results back to me.  I haven't a clue what spooky's elevation is but Don is in Houston.  He's at sea level so the result should be 212 degrees F.  We'll see. 

2010-02-18:  Long day at work.  It's actually just been long and arduous.

2010-02-15:  Cat's knee is doing well.  We went to the doc and he glanced down and said she looked better than he thought she would after less than a week out of surgery. Look Jamie McMurray is on Dave.

2010-02-13:  Lots of stuff going on here. => Cat's had knee surgery.  It was elective and she's recovering nicely. => My mum is slowing down and I think about her 24-7. => We got a foot of snow, day before yesterday, and I did a bunch of doughnuts in a pristine parking lot in front of the hospital at 6am whilst taking my wife to the hospital for knee surgery. For some reason I haven't been getting ANY email for the last 3 or 4 days. => I haven't heard from Don.  That's unusual. => I chatted with spooky last night but not tonight.  That's unusual because the Daytona 500 is tomorrow and we usually cuss and discuss about the goings-on there. I wish some of those Porter's in Midland would email me.  I miss them and haven't even heard from Caity lately. 

2010-02-07:  The saints won the super duper bowl tonight. Don sent me a very brilliant link to a NASA place that has panoramic photos of the Apollo missions. I've heard from spooky.  She's getting along.

  It's been a few days since I wrote anything here.  It's just been a long week at work.  I haven't been doing anything fun at all except watch American Idol. I've posted a bunch of new links on the main page.  I had a chance to actually play around on the net a bit and found some interesting stuff. Don's feeling better (He's been sick apparently although I suspect he's been just laying around developing his helicopter flying skills.  Spooky's been doing nothing but working lately.  I hope we get to chat soon.  The Bud Shoot-Out is tomorrow night. I love that race.  I've not spoken to Marilyn for several days now.  I should go into Second Life tonight and see how she is. Time to watch tv....

2010-01-31:  Well I couldn't get my puli website updated tonight dammit.  I've changed laptops and my ftp password ddint work so I changed it and they said it would take affect in 30 minutes but apparently that didn't happen.  I'll fix it tomorrow. I'm reading Leon Hale tonight.  You'll have to click on "home" to find his most recent articles. Look down toward the bottom where I post links I've been going too. It sounds like Chris and Ree are going to Vegas in February.  He said it to me when I talked to him on the phone on his birthday and mum said something about it tonight when I talked to her.  They bought mum and dad new telephones. (Landlines, not "cell")  Mum loves them. 

2010-01-28:  Tomorrow is my brother's birthday.  He's 6 years older than me.  I will call him tomorrow.  We haven't talked in a while.

2010-01-26:  David sent me a link to the r/c airplane I want.  The thing I like about it is that with the radios they have these days, you can make as mild or as wild as you want.  I still haven't finished that damn back storm door nor have I cleaned up my garage.  I will soon. 

2010-01-25:  Back to work today.  I'm about to have to hunker down and do a bunch of work on a proposal for a new software module. 

2010-01-24:  I was lazy today and just sat around and watched tv.  There's more to that story that I reveal.  Today was a WONDERFUL day. I've been watching sports.  I hate it that the vikings lost today.  They were the better team but they beat themselves with turnovers => I've been watching AMA supercross the last few weeks. I guess I'm itchy waiting for Daytona.  Back in high school there was this dude named John Myers that ran the local motocross series.  He did very well and me and him got along great so we'd swap motorcycle stories.  About 10 years ago or so he called me up out of the blue and said he was at some bar in midland.  Me an cat went there and I saw John for the first time in 20 or so years.  He told me that night that he'd been following Moto250.  He said that he'd noticed those guys do the same thing in the corners (blocking and such) as he did whenever he was in motocross.  I'd never even noticed the corner work, so now I'm hyper-sensitive to it.  The last couple of weeks I've seen some great motocross racing.  Especially noting the corner-work, I watched last week as James Stewart had a terrible crash in the supercross event.  He's young, so I didn't worry too much about him.  I damn sure watched him today though.  He did well.  I even hear the names of some of the guys I watched when I was a  pup, like Roger Decoster. It's a trip.

2010-01-23:  Don called me today and sucked me right up out of a nap.  I love naps so it wasn't something I was happy about.  Saturday afternoons are perfect for napping ya know.  I have to say it was a grand conversation though; much better than taking a nap anyway.  He's a bit "opinionated".  That's okay because I am as well.  So him and I can talk all damn day long and be entertained simply by listening to each other's opinions.  No one else has that luxury (except for cat.)  He's my friend and we have some "thing".  He's knows that I'm an idiot and I know he is too.  But in our regular lives we are both able to pull it off in a fashion that mitigates our own misery. => We both worry about the same things at least.

2010-01-21:  Conan is interesting tonight; perhaps tomorrow night too.  I saw a Lotus today at the Jaguar dealership.

2010-01-19:  Nothing to report. 

2010-01-16:  I installed a storm door today.  I didn't get finished however.  I've got to figure out how to drill an opening for the key-lock assembly.  My moto-tool will have to be utilized to do that.  It's been a fun project and it will be cool to be able to open the back door and let some air in the house. => See,  if I can do this and then finish building the drawers for my work-bench and clean out the garage, then put all of my old r/c stuff up for action on eBay, I'll be able to get back in the r/c airplanes.  So far my plan is working ;-) => But now that I'm thinking about it I've got a few words to say about the actual door that we purchased.  It's manufactured by a company called Anderson Windows and Doors.  The one we got is a 3000 series (24106) with the retractable insect screen.  I've gone in and out of the door several times now and it seems to be a well constructed nicely heavy door.  But damn, they could have pre drilled some of the holes and machined out the space where the key lock assembly goes.  It needs a drill about and eighth of an inch bigger than my 1/2 drill will provide and I've had to resort to using my Dremel Mototool to grind out it out to the size I need.  It's slow work and it got dark so I had to stop.  What an easy thing it would have been for them to pre-machine that opening.  I'll work on it more tomorrow after the Cowboys beat Minnesota.

2010-01-15:  It's 2 weeks before Dayton Speed Weeks starts.  I heard that the restrictor plates are going to be larger and they are going to replace the rear wings on the COT with a spoiler. I'm looking at the Dallas R/C Club tonight.  I will start inventorying my old r/c stuff and put it all up for auction on eBay in order to fund this little idea I have. I've been exchanging emails with my ex-wife, Diane.  We've only exchanged 2 emails actually.  It's pleasant to talk to her after all these years.

2010-01-14:  It was a weird day.  I'm not really certain why. Here's some interesting links I've been reading...  The Mars rover, Spirit is on it's last legs.  It looks like the shuttle dudes are having a bit of fun Nikola Tesla is becoming known by more people than just me.  Here's a couple of satellite photos of Haiti.  They are studying tattoos at Texas Tech

2010-01-13:  I'm getting a new laptop at the office but its a complete hassle.  I have to pack my old one up and ship it to "Laptop-Central" where the dude will call me and ask for my password when he needs to fire it up.  Then he configures everything, restores all my stuff and ships it back.  While this happens... I have no laptop.  He tells me "he knows its a bit inconvenient." After being off for Christmas and flying my little helicopter around I've found a little itch to dabble in some r/c stuff again.  I've been thinking a lot as well about working through the Tripoli certifications in High Powered Rocketry  as well.  Of course I recognize this new interest in things.  This happens sometimes and in the past has caused me spend lots of money on things I never use.  This time I have a plan however.  A prerequisite for me to pursue either r/c plans or rocketry will be for me to finish my work bench and clean up that garage.

2010-01-11:  I've been sick as a damn dog lately.  I missed work all last week and today wasn't much better except I was able to stay until 6pm. I got an email from Don with a cool link to Yale University. They have lectures that you can download.  Open Yale Courses.

2010-01-06:  I got a little r/c helicopter for Christmas this year.  Then it got busted up and it's not really that, its that it just doesnt really give me the degree of control I want.  So I talked to Don and he sent me this link for micro helios.

2010-01-05:  I've not been doing much lately.  Monday I spent most of the day the E.R.  I thought that maybe my Pancreatitis was flaring back up.  The blood tests came back negative.  I'll spend another day in bed tomorrow.

2009-12-31:  Marilyn and Dawn are both coming to the house tomorrow.  Dawn from West Texas and Marilyn from South Ft. Worth.  I think only dawn will spend the night. We were very lazy and did nothing today.  It was so damn sweet.   I've spent a bit of time flying my helicopter around in this big living room.  It was very fun. I don't know that I said much about it, but me and cat, on our adventures this Christmas, have been listing to this book on CD called "Dog On It".  lol  It's a flipping cool story.  I can't say much more about it just now and I don't know if I'll ever pick up the thread again so my advice is if you want to read something fun, pick that up.  That person writes exactly like a dog thinks.  (Night nite.  Happy new year to all...)

2009-12-30:  One more day of this year to go.  I'm usually glad to see the old year come to an end, and this one is no exception.  Its much more fun to think about the days to come. I don't really have much to say.  Today was a relaxing, calm day and not much happened.  That's what I desire. 

2009-12-29:  Home now.  It was an adventure.

2009-12-27:  Whoohoo!  The boy's beat washington. I finally got to chat with spooky a bit tonight.  She had a nice Christmas. 

2009-12-26:  We slept late this morning and went to eat at La Bodega for a late lunch.  There was a girl and her son in front of us that told the old man (that owns the restaurant), "You probably, don't remember but used to work for you 30 years ago.  My son here was 4 years old and now he's 34."  It was pretty cool. Cat talked to him later and asked when he started the bidness and he said he did it in 1971. => Tonight we went over to Tony and Cheri's.  It was such a nice time.  We walked in the door, flopped down at the kitchen table and just talked for 3 hours.  Michael was there and loaned me a book that he thought I might like.   That very seldom happens to me.  It's called "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson.  We'll see but that book doesn't seem like the sort of stuff that I read.

2009-12-25:  Merry Christmas!  We're in Midland.  We got here about 2 this afternoon.  I-20 was fine and we had no problems driving in.  It was cold though.  I got an r/c helicopter and I've been flying it around so much tonight that the pups are too scared to be in the room with us.  Ike got his nose caught in the helicopter rotor and now thinks it is Diablo. Nice to be home.  Merry Christmas to all my friends and My loves!

2009-12-24:  Merry Christmas Eve.  We are stuck in Abilene Texas.  Texas had a bit of a blizzard today.  We got up this morning, packed and was on the west side of Ft. Worth before noon.  Cat was driving and I fell asleep for a bit.  When I woke up it was snowing bad and the windshield wipers wouldn't scour.  Traffic was at a standstill on I-20 west of Eastland and we sat as they cleared a truck that had jackknifed.  I think we sat for about 3 hours just inching forward a bit from time to time. When we finally got to Cisco, we stopped at a dairy queen that was actually closed but they were letting people use their bathroom.  Damn it was a mess.  I-20 was not moving at all so we made the decision to drive from Cisco to Cross Plains.  So we drove south about 30 miles to this little town in an attempt to avoid I-20 between Cisco and Abilene.  That was a freaky drive.  Lots of cars off the road.  The snow was only on the south side of the trees but there was a lot of snow on the ground.  Between Cross Plains and Abilene we saw a truck or car that was upside down in the ditch.  The DPS dudes were there.  It was after dark by the time we got to Abilene.  I got us some subway for supper and now we're in a Days-Inn kicking back and reliving the weirdness of the day; Me, Cathy, Isaac, and Isabelle.

2009-12-22:  I am off.  I mean I don't have to go back to work for a loong time; like until January the 5th!  Don't expect any good posts here for the next few days because I'm kicking back and doing nothing.

2009-12-21:  Well, it's been a nice day. => Don and Ana got home from Mexico okay over the weekend, and I've upgraded these laptops to Win 7.  (They seem to work fairly well actually.  It surprises me.) => I copied all of my personal files from my old laptop to this one although I can't find to where I copied it.  Actually I did found it earlier tonight but everything is in a new place now; I had to make some compromises as to how I would name the place I was copying to.  Tomorrow I will struggle to find it again.

2009-12-20:  Last night before we went to bed, we upgraded our laptops to Windows 7.  It went pretty smooth.  I think we've got the problems with 2ndLife figured out. => I think as far as upgrading to a new OS it's gone well.  As long as my FTP program still works so I can update this website. I've started re-reading the Crazy Horse book.  For Christmas, I gave the girls at the office that book I just finished about the old Indian man.  I want to send that same book to spooky but its getting late.  She gets the one I read :-)  This new laptop doesn't have all of my files and I don't have her address at hand.  I have to look on my old laptop (I'm copying the hard drive now as I type this.) for that and its one of those things I can see that I'm going to slip on.  It gets wrapped tomorrow and goes in the mail Tuesday.  I promise!

2009-12-19:  Don wrote something that I thought was cool.  He said "I like to watch the sun rise and the sun set.  I like to think of it as my way of honoring the day."  I've watched lots of sunrises and sunsets but never really thought of it like that.  I should pay much more attention to the important things in life.

2009-12-17:  So I played around just a bit with C++ Builder 2010.  It seem to work well.  Maybe I'll write my 3d rotation program so I can figure out how to do graphics in this version of C++. 

2009-12-16:  That book I just finished about the old Indian man and the writer guy was incredibly good.  One of the reasons I love physics is because of the incredibly precise statements and logical thoughts that come from those guys trying to explain what they are doing.  That aspect is as interesting as the physics itself to me.  That's probably why I'm not a physicist.  The concepts explained by "Dan" are as complex yet simple as can be.  Its like being on the leading-edge of the "common-sense" wave.

2009-12-15:  I guess one of the big problems I had in the hospital was the fact that I didn't sleep at all that first night. The doc told me I was getting out the next day so I sat around all day waiting for him to come by and release me.  Every hour I picked up the little breathing thing that probably cost 100 bucks, and worked on my lung functions knowing that my doc would listen to me before he'd let me out.  I wanted to make sure my lungs were working perfectly.  I'm 48 years old and I've spent 48 years manipulating my life in a manner such that now I enjoy everything about it.  When I get trapped in some situation that destroys all of the influence I have upon my own life it upsets me and that's what was happening to me.  About 7 or 8 o'clock I started thinking he wasn't going to show up and let me go home.  I asked the nurse, "What's the latest you've ever seen him release someone?"  She said as late as 11pm.  That gave me a glimmer of hope.  I didn't get out until about 4 the next day. => I'm tired of talking about the gut surgery.

2009-12-14:  It's hard for me to keep telling the story about the hospital visit.  I just want to forget about it. I'm feeling better btw. I think maybe that doc fixed me but it still seems a bit early.  I'm still having pain but I can't separate the original pain from the new pain that's there now from the procedure.  It'll fade and I'll know soon enough if all this was worth it. => The next morning I watched the number and frequency of photons entering my room increase as the sun came up.  I'd gotten up a couple of times during the night and found that I'd been catheterized at some point during my procedure and just what a pain such a thing causes.  No one had said anything about that happening however but looking back I should have known that would happen.  I just never thought about it.  I've definitely never felt that "pissing razorblades" pain before and it would have been nice to have had a warning.  That's when I started noticing that there were things I wished someone would have talked to me about post-op.  I didn't really have much memory of the events of the prior day.  The sun was coming up and all I really noticed was this "hisssss, chooooo, sssssssss (quiet.....)  hisssss, chooooo, sssssssss (quiet.....)'' from those tubes wrapped around my legs, now entangled irreparably in my sheets.  Its funny because 30 hours after I'd been there one of the nurses made it a point to tell me not to get out of my bed; that I should call and ask for assistance.  I told her I'd been out of my bed several times throughout the day and me saying that seemed to upset her somehow.  I was pissed off because the way they had handcuffed me pretty much prevented me from reaching the bathroom.  The bathroom is on the left.  My right hand is tethered by a pulse-ox monitor attached to my right index finger.  In the top of my right hand an IV going into one of those IV contraptions which has been placed on the right side of my bed defines my range of motion.  Even meals were a hassle there.  Meals didn't just show up like every other time I've been in the hospital.  You had to remember to "order" your food or you'd go without.  In the end it absolutely pissed me off when after I finally started complaining about the 1 or 2 things I actually bitched about, that from that point every person that came in my room was hyper-aware of my "I's and O's" and whether my bed rails were raised or not.  Prior to my complaints no one thought of those things and those things were the least important to me.  (Strike 2)

2009-12-13:  I'm home from the hospital.   It was a terrible ordeal; one which will take me some time to ponder in order to truly understand what all happened.  It was ironically strange.  We got to the hospital at 6am last Wednesday, they took us back to the pre-op area and I got into my gown.  The chick that was starting the IV asked if I was left or right handed.  I answered "right" and she preceded to put that IV in my right wrist.  Later I'd be tethered most uncomfortably by both an IV and a pulse-ox sensor attached to my right hand. (Strike 1) => I don't remember much about the procedure.  In fact I don't remember much after leaving cat.  Those drugs they gave me did their job and I'm glad off it.  The next memory I have is waking up in my hospital room.  Cat was there and told me that everything went pretty well.  I remember her at that time as a mysterious memory.  You know how it is when you get out of surgery?  No?  I didn't either.  This was my first time really.  I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up and not to have to deal with anything.  The problem was, I didn't sleep at all that first night after the procedure. => So here's the situation.  Like lots of other nights in my life, I'm not sleeping and I'm bored and I hurt and so as often as I can I pick up the the circa 1980 hospital bed communication device that not only serves as a communicator to the nursing station but also controls 2 functions of the bed positioning, and call to request the most amount of drugs (Morphine) I can possibly have.  I have leggings on and they squeeze my legs rhythmically so that I don't throw off any blood-clots.  Of course 30 years ago they didn't realize yet that having this, "hisssss, chooooo, sssssssss (quiet.....)  hisssss, chooooo, sssssssss (quiet.....)'' could possibly harm the ability for someone to sleep.  However, someone did (and I bet after 1980), convince this hospital that if they were to play wonderfully soft happy-music at each and every 1/2-hour in order to mark the passage of time, it would be beneficial to the patient.  So every 30 minutes while I was rolling around in agony, I got a chance to listen to the first 30 seconds of the most childlike/"Oh we don't want them to be offended by playing a real version of the song." compromise of Brahms Lullaby. I finally finished that book while I was in the hospital.  That Kent Nerburn book, Neither Dog Nor Wolf is one of the most thought provoking things I have ever read.  Last night when I went to bed I had the last 30 pages to finish reading.   I later woke up and had some late night "visions".  Thanks Kent.

2009-12-08:  Pearl Harbor Day went by with out me even realizing it.  Dammit.  We should all remember those times and for some reason I like to review that history. I was busy with the DAU repackaging which I finished tonight.  There was a bit of worry for a while that I wouldnt be able to get the new libraries from that remote server because the FTP program I was using gave me some bogus error about an object name with a dash in it.  I downloaded a new FTP program and it didn't give me the bogus error message.  I think everything is pretty much finished.  At least the part on the IBM server is done. Tomorrow is the morning I get holes poked in me to fix my Hiatal Herina.  I should get some good drugs tomorrow.  You should be jealous.  

2009-12-07:  I worked most of the evening on DAU.   I broke it for a while because of how I was doing the libraries.  But I got it working and started take screen shots for the documentation.  Its close to being finished.  I'll do the final repackage and download the object libraries tomorrow.  I even tested my install and uninstall programs and they seem to work.  Damn I wish I had a few more days though. Cat and I have been playing around in SecondLife. It's pretty cool to me because I love the graphics.  You may recall I've written some programs that do the 3d rotational math that is very similar to what's being done on SL.  Plus its rather erotic there.  I like erotic.  lol SL is super graphics intensive and my brand-new HP super-duper laptop is not as fast as cat's brand-new HP super-duper laptop.  We got diff laptops and hers is much better at the graphics stuff than mine.

2009-12-05:  I worked on DAU for a few hours today.  It's going a bit slower than I would like; mostly because I've been lazy and stayed up too late with cat.  Have I said that I love her dearly lately? We have such a brilliant time together. We bought a Christmas tree today.  It's a little tree in a pot that is alive and we (that means cat) will take care of it.  We've going to decorate it tomorrow.  It's been many years since we've had Christmas tree.

2009-12-03:  I tested for about 4 hours today.  Everything seems to be working.  I'm going to change the name of it however.  The old i5 name has sort of slipped away and IBM calls that box the System i.  So I'll call it DAU/i Version 3.6.  I started updating the user manual.  I still need to get new screen shots for everything in the manual.  That might take a while.  I'll try to finish that tomorrow.

2009-12-02:  I was lazy today and didn't work on DAU.  I had other things to do and the project seems to be going well.  I'll do 8 hours on it tomorrow. Everyone keeps asking what I want for Christmas.  I can't think of a thing.  Its not that I have everything.  I'm just not interested in much these days so I have nothing that I desire.  I want the complete Feynman's Lectures on Physics.  Cat is getting me a little r/c helicopter.  I've been wanting one for years. 

2009-12-01:  DAU/i version 3.6 is up and running!  I had to make some changes and I think I will make even more tomorrow but it's nice to have it running.  I've still got lots and lots of testing to do so hopefully I'll finished my changes tomorrow and then I can use the rest of the week for testing. I'm going in tomorrow for my pre-op tests for my gut surgery.  That should be interesting.

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