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People I've Met

Dr. Richard Saeks
Dr. Saeks class was pretty fun in the early 80s.  It was a digital logic class at
Texas Tech University.  That guy RAN back and forth in front of a black board and drew digital circuits and explained it in a way that that anyone could understand.  It was an excellent class.  He told me something once that I still use today.  I was trying to persuade him to approve the transfer of my 2 semesters of COBOL from Western Texas College into Texas Tech and he was unwilling because, as he told me "This is Computer Science.  If I want to learn COBOL, I'll spend 15 minutes and learn it."  Those hours were NOT transferred in to Tech and to this day I'm not worried about learning anything new.

Grace Murray Hopper
About 1983, Grace Hopper came to Texas Tech as part of an ACM activity.  She lectured a group of 20 or 30 people and I remember her as being sort of "George Burns" like.  One or two sentences with a punch line to follow.  It was most incredible and at the end I was able to talk to her about my work and even got one of those 11 inch long pieces of wire that represented a nanosecond.     

Dr. Suzanne Barber
Suzanne Barber was wonderful in class.  In 1999, Cathy and I snuck out of my graduation banquet to smoke a cigarette and ended up talking to Dr. Barber about our Rottweiller stepping on and busting up Cats foot the weekend that I left for grad school at UT
Austin.  Dr. Barber talking about sacrifices that spouses end up making, used that story in her remarks to the folks attending the banquet that night.

Bill Monroe
I'm an avid
Bluegrass fan.  I play the banjo, guitar and a little harmonica.  In the late 80s, Cathy and I moved to Houston while I worked for Baker Hughes Inc.  It's was my pinnacle of banjo virtuosity.  We went to festivals and had a hell of a time convincing the festival workers that it really was okay for our Rottweiller pup, Young Johnny Reb to come into the parks.  Bill Monroe came to houston for a show at I think, Rockefellers.  We saw him standing by his bus and waved to him and he waved back.  After we were inside, we saw Mr. Monroe peaked through the curtains and he walked right straight to our table and said, "Now you didn't think I forget you, did ya?"  We got to shake his little ol' soft hand and went home with an autograph that night.

Tony Ullrich
I took banjo lessons from Tony in
Houston.  I've never known anyone more aware of the mechanics of bluegrass.  This guy has spent more time listening to the nuances of the fine art of the 5-string banjo than most people.  He's a good guy too. Check out Tony's web site.

Chamond Liu
Chamond consulted at a company I worked for in Midland when I first became interested in Object Oriented software development.  I found that his PhD was in mathematics and I reminisced about all the math I'd forgotten.  I've carried with me, his concept that effective GUI designs are anthropomorphic.

Terry Bradshaw
Well, I never met him.  But, there's a good story to tell here.  I was about 16 or so and my family went to Las Vegas.  I tried to sneak into the casino to gamble but I got caught and they escorted me out of the door.  I ended up back at the hotel but later Mum came to the room and said that she'd seen a long line of people where some guy was sitting in the back of a white convertible signing autographs.  She decided she'd get his autograph and when I asked who it was, she pulled a slip of paper out of her purse, read it and said, "Do you know who Terry Bradshaw is?"

Alan Munde
Cat and I met Alan Munde when we were living in Houston.  He's an extraordinary musician and I've always loved his banjo work. They had a deal going on in Houston back then (perhaps now too. I haven't been in Houston for a few years) where a Steak and Ale restaurant had live music.  I remember going to the bathroom before the show and coming back to the table and cat was sitting there talking talking to Alan.  We told him we were from West Texas and he had nice things to say about West Texas.  (He is/was associated with South Plains College in Levelland, Texas.)  I find it interesting that Tony and Alan once lived together and I used to have a picture of them both that was taken at a festival somewhere.  A few years later after cat and I had moved back to Midland, I needed my banjo re-fretted so I called Alan in Levelland to see if he could recommend someone to do the work.  I missed his return call but the "message board" (actually it was Barbara Derrington) where I worked left me one of those little pink notes that says "While you were out ___________ called.  Please call xxx xxx xxxx.".  Barbara had written Alan Munde (Spelled just right) in the blank spot for the name and I thought that it was so cool that a famous person had called me.  I've still got that pink slip of paper in my scrap book.

Bjarne Stroustrup
Dr. Stroustrup developed the C++ language.  I've had the pleasure of meeting the originators of 2 programming languages of which I'm actually rather proud. 

Robert Cozzi
I can't remember exactly when I met Mr. Cozzi (He pronounces it Cozy).  Not because I've lost the memory due to excessive drinking but because I went to a lot of events back in the early 90s and I cant remember exactly where I met him.  I think it was in 1991 or 1992 when I went to Common that was held in New Orleans.  At the time I'd read his book called The Modern RPG Language.  I'm a language buff.  At Texas Tech I specialized in programming language theory and when I read his book I was incensed at a terrible programming example that he provided in that book. The "modern" RPG, that he was referring to was RPG III.  I can't really bitch about it too much because I've made my living programming in that language and it's much better now (RPG IV) but it really was a featureless language compared to almost every other language.  I'll have to get that book out again and see what that bad example was because I cant remember just now.

People I've Met

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April 4, 2010 - It's mum's birthday today. 

March 24, 2010 - Updated notes.  Changed Dory's name away from Stuka.

March 13, 2010 - Added a picture of Stuka on the home page and I've added the source code to my projection program.  Of course I also updated the daily notes as well.

March 10, 2010 - Updated notes and updated the section on Rotations.

March 6, 2010 - I added to the daily notes. 

February 24, 2010 - I added some links on the front page and updated the link archive.  Updated notes.  Today was no fun.

February 15, 2010 - I wrote on the Quantum page tonight and updated my daily notes.


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